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Sergey Yablonsky, Author of 200 publications, project manager, executive in charge, system architect and main programmer of 30 Russian and international IT projects. Co-creater of the Russicon language processor and linguistic resources licensed by Adobe Systems Incorporated, Phoenix Int. (USA), Franklin Electronic Publishers (USA). Engaged in national and international research projects and ventures in Russia, Spain and across Europe. Research interests include: Digital Economy, Digital Business, ITC Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Multisided Network Platforms and Markets; Digital marketing; Data and Big Data Governance; Cloud computing; Computer linguistics and text & web mining; Semantic and Social Web. Has been a visiting professor at Aalto University, Finland, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland. He received a 2015 IBM Faculty Award for the new course development on Cloud Analytics focusing on the emergence of trends such as “Big Data”, “Cloud and in-memory computing”, “Text and Data mining” and the “Internet of Things” in IBM Watson Analytics.

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