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Business Systems Laboratory (BS-Lab) is a nonprofit professional and academic association aiming to promote research and teaching about social and business systems. Bs-Lab is unique in bringing together the worlds of reflective practice and thoughtful scholarship.

The Association focuses on the development and dissemination of insights on the systemic approach to business sciences, as well as on fostering contacts and interchange of firms and academia. We aim to act as a catalyst for building and disseminating new ideas in research, practice and teaching around a set of multi-field core issues about social and business systems.

The Association operates exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes to promote and encourage superior research and practice in the field of business systems. The activities include, among others, the publication of academic journals, the cooperation and interchange of ideas among academics, business practitioners, and consultants through workshops and conference events, the acknowledgement of achievement and scholarly excellence, as well as the establishment of high ethical standards in the conduct of business. Bs-Lab is membership-based and was founded on 30th December 2011, starting its activity in 2012.

We appreciate and are interested in anyone who wants to make a contribution to the field through membership or participation in the various activities of Bs-Lab.


To be a bridge between the business community and the academia.

Our Logo: Why the labyrinth?

Of course the naming has been a reason, with the assonance Laboratory... Lab ... Labyrinth. But the choice of our logo was not based mainly on a naming issue.

The labyrinth is a symbol of the reality we have to face.

The symbol of the labyrinth appears in different times and places; it is a place for meditation and thinking that we can find already rock carvings of the Megalithic Hera in Scotland, Ireland, Spain; we can also find it in the American natives' culture, at Crete, in ancient Greece and also more recently in Christian Cathedrals.

Therefore, the labyrinth is a universal symbol. There are several interpretations of it, but all of them follow a common fil rouge of meaning in all fields: philosophy, psychology, painting, architecture, religion, etc.

The labyrinth also alludes to the pangs and the doubts of men. In the late Middle Age, the labyrinth becomes an allegoric symbol of Christianity, representing the challenges that believers have to face through the twisting way to arrive to the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Hence, the labyrinth is the symbol of a long and difficult path to reach the Center; a symbolic path through adversities to reach truth and knowledge.The Center is the symbolic place where it is possible to find the key to understand the inner meaning of the path.

Today, the international academic community has to cover a hard path through many changes, legislations and regulations that create serious constraints to the way of knowledge.

The business community as well has to face many issues, and needs to find new ways to achieve the center find ways to deal with complexity.

BSLab is a place of dialogue and communication between firms and international academy, where we aim to find the "Ariadne's thread" to get out from constraints and troubles finding the way to the center of today's' social labyrinth.

The Business Systems Laboroatory fosters the value of meritocracy in every field. BSLab distances itself from every kind of lobbying (also academic) trying to subverte the key principle of merit as founding value for the costruction of a fair society.


Our objectives:

- Planning and promotion of interdisciplinary research about business and entrepreneurial systems in business management, marketing, communication, sociology, natural sciences, finance, law, innovation and local development;

- Support of research that is considered useful to develop entrepreneurial and managerial knowledge and skills in the local and global socio-economic and business environment;

- Helping researchers through the planning of international and interdisciplinary cooperation;

- Helping firms and institutions through the trasmission of knowledge about business and innovation systems;

- Financing scholarships to help researchers to develop research project in the fields of study of the Association.


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