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Frank Stowell Frank Stowell is Emeritus Professor of Systems and Information Systems. Before rejoining Portsmouth in 2004 he was Director of Campus at the Milton Keynes Campus of De Montfort University. He has a PhD in Organisational Change and his research centers around methods of participative design. He has supervised a number of research projects ranging from modeling complex decision-making in mental health care, knowledge management, through to methods for client-led information systems development. He has been involved in a number of research council funded projects notably the Systems Practice for Managing Complexity project, designed to help managers address complex issues. This project is a self-sustaining network and continues to offer workshops for managers. Frank continues to publish in journals and the writing of academic texts. His latest publication "The Managers Guide to Systems Practice" [2012, Wiley, Chichester] is a text written expressly for practicing managers and is also used in undergraduate and postgraduate study. He is past President of the UK Academy of Information Systems and the UK Systems Society, presently the chair of the Council of Information Systems Professors and has recently joined the as an executive board member of the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics. He is Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Systems and Society and currently completing 4 years as EiC of the International Journal of Information Technologies and the Systems Approach.

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