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Charles François (5 September 1922 – 31 July 2019) was a Belgian administrator, editor and scientist in the fields of cybernetics, systems theory and systems science, internationally known for his main work the International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics. François inspired and founded the Group for the Study of Integrated Systems, Argentine National Division of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, in 1976, and was its honorary president. He was an honorary member of the International Federation for Systems Research European Systems Society, and founding editor of the International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics, editions of 1997 and 2004 in two volumes. He encouraged its work in progress in course of organization through the Bertalanffy Center of Systems and Cybernetics, member of the International Academy of Systems and Cybernetics Sciences, honorary president of the Latin American Association of Systemics, Honorary Professor of ITBA,[clarification needed] and was a visiting professor at various universities and educational institutions in Argentina, Mexico, Perú, Colombia, Venezuela and Brasil, where he encouraged the creation of many study groups. He became a member of systemic boards and integrated the editorial boards of various journals on systems and cybernetics. In 2007 he received the Norbert Wiener golden medal from the American Society for Cybernetics as a tribute for his work on cybernetics. He inspired the "Charles François Price" at the International Academy of Systems and Cybernetics Sciences, intended to promote contributions and participation of young systematists at their international meetings. François died on July 31, 2019.En su honor, el Grupo de Estudio de Sistemas Integrados (GESI) y colaboradores, editó en 2020:Charles François;pionero y mentor de instituciones sistémicas y cibernéticas en América Latina; un homenaje colectivo.

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