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José Rodolfo Hernández-Carrión - Page 2


Research projects
L. FERRER-FIGUERAS (Main Researcher): “Applied Chaos Theory to Evolution, Forecasting and Control of Natural and Social Systems”, developed from May to November 1998, sponsored by the Generalitat Valenciana-Regional Government (AE98-08).
J. CASAS-PARDO (Main Researcher): “Public Choice Theory and the Spanish Case: Democratic Politic Systems and Suggested Reforms”, to be developed from 1999 to 2002, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Education of the Spanish Government (SEC99-0592).

Teaching experience:

From December 1989 contracted by the "Universitat de València" (included in the Department of Applied Economics teaching plan since 1989, full time, introductory subjects 1st/2nd: Economics [1989-2012], European Community [1994-96] and Computer Science [1996-2003]).
Belonging to the UV Consolidated Innovative Teaching Group: GCID 84/2009 (Grupo de Innovación Educativa en Enseñanza del Derecho en Inglés). Teaching in English ECONOMICS during FIVE academic years (2007-2012), a Government ARA innovation & excellence group FACULTY OF LAW
Stays in Foreign Universities: (number of months / period-year)
-March 1st to May 16th, 1992. Stay at the "Istituto di Ricerche Economiche e Sociali" (I.R.E.S.- Emilia Romagna) in BOLOGNA (ITALY).
-Feb. 16th to May 20th of 1993. Visiting Scholar at E.R.G.(Energy and Resources Group), ‘University of California, BERKELEY’ (U.S.A.).-April 27th to June 1st of 1994. Stay at "University of Yale" (NEW HAVEN, U.S.A.).
-April to June, 1995. Human Capital and Mobility fellowship for working at CINECA-Centro di Calcolo (Supercomputing Center)" in CASALECCHIO DI RENO (Bologna), and stay at the “Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche" in the “University of BOLOGNA” (ITALY-EU).

Business Systems Laboratory Via Circumvallazione, 77 - 83100 Avellino C.F. 92082020642