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 To be a bridge between the business community and the academia.


Our Logo: Why the labyrinth?

Of course the naming has been a reason, with the assonance Laboratory... Lab ... Labyrinth. But the choice of our logo was not based mainly on a naming issue.

The labyrinth is a symbol of the reality we have to face.

The symbol of the labyrinth appears in different times and places; it is a place for meditation and thinking that we can find already rock carvings of the Megalithic Hera in Scotland, Ireland, Spain; we can also find it in the American natives' culture, at Crete, in ancient Greece and also more recently in Christian Cathedrals.

Therefore, the labyrinth is a universal symbol. There are several interpretations of it, but all of them follow a common fil rouge of meaning in all fields: philosophy, psychology, painting, architecture, religion, etc.

The labyrinth also alludes to the pangs and the doubts of men. In the late Middle Age, the labyrinth becomes an allegoric symbol of Christianity, representing the challenges that believers have to face through the twisting way to arrive to the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Hence, the labyrinth is the symbol of a long and difficult path to reach the Center; a symbolic path through adversities to reach truth and knowledge.The Center is the symbolic place where it is possible to find the key to understand the inner meaning of the path.

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