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Stefano Armenia


BSLab Director for the Topic: System Dynamics.
Stefano Armenia
is President of the System Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC)
He is  a professional consultant, project manager and bid manager. He has been working for Aerospace, Defence, Security & Maritime Authorities. He has assisted in a study conducted by FRONTEX, the EU Border Defence Agency, in order to assess the actual limited staffing and means needs and verify the possibility to improve the organization's capabilities He has been project manager for the CERS2 and SVD projects, for the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for the developmemnt of the system to capture data on vessel movements, dangerous cargoes, vessel safety, security information and the disposal of waste within European waters. He also worked for the CROSSROAD Project ( Responsible for the development of the Roadmap for the CROSSROAD Project, with particular reference to the theme/research challenge on Policy Modeling & Simulation.

Since 2008 he is Research Fellowat the University of Rome "Sapienza" - Center for Cyber Intelligence and Information Security

Since 2013 he also works for the CIS Sapienza ( as technical coordination of the ATTACS Project (Assessing the socio-economic impacts of Terrorist Threats or Attacks following the Close down of public transportation Systems) for the development of a decision support system in the field of transports protection, in order to enable transports operators and authorities to estimate all the economic and societal implications of a forced close down of part (or the whole) of their public transport system, hence being able to make better, informed, security related decisions.

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