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Eka Sepashvili



Eka Sepashvili is an associate professor of Tbilisi State University, faculty of Economics and Business. At the same time, Sepashvili Works at the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia and deals with issues of local self-governance, democracy, regional policy, infrastructural development and est.
She gained her PhD in economics majoring in International Economics. In 2005 she was a dean of Commerce and Marketing faculty at Tbilisi State University, later she hold the position of deputy dean of Economics and Business faculty at Tbilisi State University.
In 2006-2015 she had been working at the State Minister Office of Georgia for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration. In 1995-2004 she was working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia as chancellor for foreign policy and analyses. Since 1997, Dr. Sepashvili has been working on gender problems and studying economic aspects of gender equality. In 1997–2002 she had been working in the joint project of UNDP and Georgian government, “Gender in Development.” The project covered variety of issues concerning gender. She executed numerous duties such as researcher, trainer, consultant, expert, reporter, financial manager, grant adviser, and so on.  Later she took part in various little projects that were funded by different international organizations and were aimed at strengthening women’s economic power.
She is a member and the founder of the associations “Gender and Social-Economic Development” and “Education and Prosperity.” Her scientific publications cover world economy, globalization, gender-related issues and deal with international competition, international integration, and globalization problems.


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