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Maria-Isabel Sanchez-Segura has been a faculty member in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Carlos III Technical University of Madrid since 1999. Maria-Isabel holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (2001), an M.S. in Software Engineering (1999) and a B.S. in Computer Science (1997), from the Universidad Politecnica of Madrid. She is Knowledge Manager Certified by the Knowledge Management Institute since 2013 Professional Certificate: Foundations of Data Science. BerkeleyX University. November 2021. IEEE Senior Member since 2014 She leads the research line on Processes and Information Technologies for the Systemic Governance of Intelligent Organizations She is currently: Director of the Research Chair on R&D for the Intelligence Digital Transformation of Occupational Safety and Health area. Her research interests include: Software engineering in general; focusing on processes, methodologies, reuse, management and software configuration management, and usability of interactive systems. Value-based software engineering, software engineering economics Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, Intelligent Organizations Complexity and Systems Thinking Discipline-based Educational Research (DBER) on software engineering

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